THE TANK is a┬áHard Rock Power Trio with heavy 60’s-70’s influences.
Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Genres: Rock/ Hard Rock
Charlie Madzarac – Bass&vox
Ben Lang – Guitars&vox
Erick Black – Drums
Bryan Quay – Keys
In 2009, two area rock bands disintegrate under the weight of themselves. In October of that year, drummer Erick decided to have a jam at his house. He invited a bunch of his musician friends to join in on the good time. Out of those, only Charlie and Ben showed up. A good time was had by all, and music was made. The trio continued to jam every week until it was suggested by an unnamed source that they “form a band”. So that’s what they did. They played some slots supporting other local acts and someone said, “Hey, you should make a CD!” So that’s what they did.

Some Tunes